Friday, 15 February 2013

A Slander! A Libel! Shame on you...

Tim, who's in his castle, has been casting disparaging remarks my way. He claims that I am not a 'proper student'.

No one smoking, not even a cigarette - let alone a monster five paper spliff. No offensive posters on the wall. No Nazi armbands. Nothing smashed. No girl crying in the corner. No sick. For God's sake man, what the hell are you playing at? Start behaving like a proper student.

My response to him is that whilst I freely admit that there were none of the things he mentions happening, it was a small, private party of friends, and happened in our block tutors flat (she does not allow smoking [of any kind]) and we like her so we abide by her wishes. As for the sick, we obviously have more tolerance than he did, and as friends we don't make each other cry.